- Frequently Asked Questions -


What forms of payment do you accept?

       - We accept cash, cashier's checks from local banks, or bank wires. We also accept credit cards on purchases of coin supplies or some numismatic items. 


What does "spot" mean?

       - "Spot" refers to the value of gold, silver or other precious metals on the metals market at any given time.


How is your gold and silver bullion priced?

       - Bullion is priced out at the time of sale and is based off of the market price of either gold or silver. Different products have different premiums over the spot value and these premiums can fluctuate with supply and demand. The best way to get up to the minute pricing is to give us a call... 561-964-8180


Can I get a discount on my bullion purchase? 

       - Yes! We offer discounts on all of our bullion items depending on your payment method and quantity purchased.


Where can I find the current market price of gold or silver?

       - You can find the current spot prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium on our home page below the slideshow. Refresh the page for the latest quote.


What makes a coin valuable?

       - As with any collectible, a coin is only valuable if people want it. Generally speaking, the two factors that most affect a coins collectibility are its rarity and its condition. For instance, consider the Morgan Dollar. Most of the years, millions of these coins were minted. However some years only a couple hundred thousand were minted. The years in which fewer coins were minted will be harder to come by and in turn have a greater value. In the same regard, coins in better condition will be worth more than lower condition. 


What is coin grading?

       - Since the condition of its coin can sometimes greatly affect its pricing, there are companies that will take your coin and certify that it is authentic and of a certain condition. The coin is encapsulated in a plastic holder and is given a number grade from 1-70 corresponding to its condition. A grade 70 corresponds to a perfect coin. Keep in mind that all grading companies are not alike and not all of them are reputable . It is advised to stick with graded coins from NGC or PCGS. 


Should I get my coins graded?

       - While getting your coins graded gives you the peace of mind that your coin is authentic and of a certain condition, grading coins does cost money, and grading common coins may not be worth the grading fee. It is only recommended to get your coin graded if achieving a certain grade will improve the value of your coin enough to make up the grading fee. As a free service to our customers, we are happy to evaluate your coins and recommend whether or not your coins value will increase if it is graded.


Whats the best way to find out the value of my coins?

       - The most efficient way is to bring your coins in for a free appraisal. Sometimes we are able to give out coin information over the phone, but since condition plays such a large role in price, we often need to see them in person to give you the most accurate pricing and to ensure we are discussing the correct types of coins.


Do you take foreign coins?

       - Yes! We buy and sell collectible foreign coins and paper money, however we do not provide a currency exchange service for modern coinage. Either way, we will be happy to sort them out for you and guide you in the right direction they are not something we purchase. 


Should I clean my coins?

       - No! Improperly cleaning your coins can significantly reduce their value. Collectors desire their coins in their original condition. Even if they are dark or dirty, we recommend leaving your coins as they are before bringing them in. 


I have a big mix of different coins, should I sort them before bringing them in?

       - There's no need to sort them out. We look at coins all day and are very experienced at sorting them quickly and efficiently for you. We will be happy to explain the whole process to you as we sort them.  

Please feel free to send us an email or call with any other questions you may have!