- Selling your valuables to Rechant Precious Metals -


Step 1: Come on in!
 Step 1 is easy. The best way to find out what your valuables are worth is to bring them in for one of our experts to appraise. We offer free, no-pressure, appraisals. Sometimes we are able to help price out your valuables over the phone, but often times condition plays a big role in the pricing.
Step 2: The Appraisal


       We strive to make you feel comfortable and educated during your free appraisal. One of our experts will evaluate your valuables right in front of you in our safe and secure showroom. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as he looks over your items and compiles your appraisal. Your coins will never leave your sight!

       If you have a very large collection or feel more comfortable having your items looked at in private, we have a private office where your appraisal can take place.

       After your valuables have been evaluated our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. There is no charge for this evaluation. At this point, if you decide, you are welcome to sell your items to Rechant Precious Metals.



Step 3: Selling to Rechant


       So you've already shopped around and found out that Rechant is the highest buyer in town? Great! Selling your valuables is quick and easy. One of our experts will be happy to get the appropriate paperwork ready for you, you sign it, and we pay you! Its that easy!