Colonial Issues and Pattern Coins


Spanish-American Coinage of the New World

Pilar Type

Bust Type

Typical World Coinage Used in Colonial America    

     Netherlands Silver Coinage 

     French Silver Coinage

     British Silver Coinage

British New World Issues

Sommer Islands (Bermuda)


New England Coinage

Willow Tree Coinage 

Oak Tree Coinage

Pine Tree Coinage

Maryland Coinage New Jersey Coinage 

American Plantation Coins

Coinage of William Wood

Early American Tokens

Elephant Tokens

New Yorke in America Token

Gloucster Tokens

Higley or Granby Coppers

Hibernia-Voce Populi Coins

Pitt Tokens

Rhode Island Ship Medals

John Chalmers Issues

French New World Issues

Billion Coinage 

Copper Sou or Nine Deniers

French Colonies